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Plaïad® develops and markets software for continuous improvement
of professional practices in well-being and health
Plaïad wishes to change the currenthealth and social paradigm towards a model of global care of the individual in all their living conditions.

The individual can become the central and autonomous actor of its own good health.Plaïad wishes to changethe current health and social paradigm towards a model of support for individuals in all living conditions. Thepractices of well-being, care and health must be un-siloed for an improved health capital through preventive and curative measures, from good hygiene togood health. Plaïad wishes to connectand enhance these practices by facilitating their interactions through the power of digital technology and augmented intelligence

We believe in individuals helping thecollective, we believe in technology assisting individuals. We believe that promoting health in its environmental and individual aspects is a societal priority. Finally, we are fully aware that there can be no health or well-being without ethics, which is why we make it a point of honor to be transparent in our promises, as well as to ensure security and respect for privacy.


Talented people in healthcare, engineering, data mining and digital practices make everything we do possible. If you want to make an impact on tomorrow's medicine and personal care, leave us your contac tinformation.

Jean Michel Robert
Jean-Michel Robert
Founding CEO
David Dessauge
David Dessauge
Founding Director
Xavier Blusseau
Xavier Blusseau
Founding R&D Partner
Laurent Trichet
Laurent Trichet
Founding Data Analyst Partner
Équipe Scientifique

Notre équipe d'experts pluridisciplinaires.

Luc Fontaine
Dr. Luc Fontaine
Médecin généraliste
Juliette Longin
Juliette LONGIN, PhD
Directeur médical
Amandine Parret
Amandine Paret
Expert Santé bien-être