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Plaïad® develops and markets software for continuous improvement of professional practices in well-being and health

Design your customized health and wellness programs

Courses dedicated to maintaining and strengthening your health capital, for you, your employees, your customers,your licensees, your partner members.

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Preserve and improve our clients’ overall healthcapital.

Through our face-to-face training courses and digital engineering,

We build individualized wellness andhealth paths, we accompany the person towards full autonomy and value the real life datafrom our care paths.


Enhanced health and well-being

Continuous improvement of individual and collective health capital

Improvement of health costs

Anobjective reduction in costs related to health expenses

A valuation of your expertise

Thanks to the assessment and optimization of your practices

"Ethics,humanism, sharing and interdisciplinarity. We believe in individuals helpingthe collective, we believe in technology assisting individuals.”
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Our method

The Plaiad method is unique and corresponds to the application of a simple and effective principle: to prioritize the improvement ofindividual resources rather than the modification of the environment

Analgorithm for assessing individual physical and mental resources

Customized solutions that are easy toimplement
A follow-up and assessment over time of actions taken and recommendations
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Our solutions

Our solutions are aimed at the greatest number of people and integrate your own expertise and resources


AQWL strategy for your teams that facilitates employee commitment, the improvement of your company’s indicators and a more efficient management.

Training and advice, supports and applications

Accessto an internal database and audit / advice on QWL and performance management

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A platform for creating paths integrating all your practices, which assesses the improvement of your community and ensures their commitment.

Training,course construction

Audit and advice in management and "care and well-being navigation".Monitoring of continuous improvement by tracking indicators, risk factors and improvement factors.

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A software suite dedicated to the teaching of health professions allowing the traceability of acts, the assessment of skills and reinforcing follow-ups and the pedagogical coherence

Patient Manager, Pedagogical and Research Module

A tool for educational assessment and monitoring ofyour patients combined with a research and analysis tool for your practices.

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The only integrative health prevention offer connected to well-being and adapted tothe beneficiary's environment, allowing to optimize costs and preserve health capital.

MSD & PSR prevention applications, data analysis

Accessto a multi-center and multi-environment database from real-life wellness/healthpaths.

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The Plaïad® solution, for osteopathy clinics,
a 3-in-1 tool

Plaïad® develops and markets software for the continuous improvement of osteopathic practices.

A tool for educational evaluation and follow-up of your patients.
A tool for managing your consultations.
A research and analysis tool for your practices.
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